Monday, February 9, 2009

The Evil Giant Wal-Mart

By Andrew Faris

You've probably heard all the same stuff about how Wal-Mart is an evil mega-oppressor of the working poor that I have. I've been skeptical of that attitude for awhile because it always seemed like people were mad at them for succeeding as a business, but don't want to turn a blind eye to oppression.

Well Charles Platt went undercover as a Wal-Mart employee to try to figure out what the problem is, and his article about that experience is well worth a look. He comes out quite favorable to the retail giant, and it is one of the most interesting pieces I've read in awhile.

(HT: Mark Stump)


Anonymous said...

My problem with them is now they are thinning their selection of items. Most everything comes two ways, Walmart or name-brand. Nothing in between. The generic is junk, and sometimes I wish there was another name brand to choose from. At another smaller store that specializes in, for example, fishing poles they will more selection and better prices. This is the case at our area Walmarts. Some of their aisles are looking pretty empty because they only have two or three products for the whole aisle. We have enough stores to make up the difference though.
Somebody out in a rural area may have more of a problem because they may start to notice everyone dressing the All the ladies at church only have two styles dresses to pick from.
Most of America does not have this problem, but I don't go there because it is hard to find decent quality goods. The quality goods they do have aren't always the best price.

Anonymous said...

Yeah they don't give out free cookies anymore to kids! How are we supposed to shop now without that distraction? My kids were heart broken when they didn't get theirs. My oldest child's response was "is it because of the economy?"