Friday, February 20, 2009

Bill Clinton, "The Calvinist?"

Embedded video from CNN Video

(HT: Reformation Theology)


Anonymous said...

In the context, it seems as though he's referring more to the old "protestant work ethic" than perhaps to true Reformed theological inclinations.

Although, he certainly could, of course, be a Calvinist. But I think the context fits this a little better.

Anonymous said...

You think?

Damian Romano said...

TaC, you're probably right. I just thought it was interesting because the context in which he stated it. Usually people refer to their Calvinism in the context of a theological discussion of soteriology.

Shane Vander Hart said...

I agree with TAC he does seem to be referring to the "protestant work ethic." It is strange that he would mention it in this way though.