Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What I'm Looking Forward to Most in the Obama Administration

By Andrew Faris
  • The return of financial stability in America.
  • Clean American politics.
  • Less abortion even without illegalizing it.
  • The end of worldwide violence, including the Iraq war and the threat of Iran, simply through diplomacy.
  • Easily accessible, quality health care for all in a cost-effective and efficient system.
  • The end of American poverty.
  • The discovery of the cure for cancer (surely among many other diseases).
  • The end of AIDS in Africa.
  • World peace.
  • The eschaton.
  • When folks finally readjust their expectations for President Obama's administration, so that they actually have some semblance of being realistic.


glen. said...

Oh goody. And just tonight Jenny was wondering if her Bush piece was too over the top.

Ben Myers said...

Excellent post!