Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Odds and Ends in the Blogosphere

By Andrew Faris

I'm hesitant to post on top of Jeff's excellent post today (this might sound like shameless back-patting between co-bloggers, but I for one think he's been on a roll recently), but I'm going to do it anyway.

A couple things I want to point out:

1. A number of bloggers have noted their being featured in the christiancolleges.com list of the top 100 theology blogs. Well, CiC got in there at #12, which we're excited about. Eat that Scot McKnight, Koinonia, Parchment in Pen and Ben Myers (who are all lower than us) and Tim Challies, Reformation21, Al Mohler, Pyromaniacs, and Scriptorium (who are all not mentioned).

Seriously- has anyone else questioned the validity of this list considering the ordering and omissions I just mentioned?

2. If you haven't seen the series that Fred Sanders has been writing commemorating various important theologians over the course of church history, you should go check it out. My favorite so far is today's post on Phillip Jakob Spener, the founder of pietism whose ideas on what the church needed in the late 17th century are still so remarkably relevant.

The series really is well worth reading. It is unique, readable, and all-around helpful for those like me whose knowledge of church history is so painfully poor.

3. I'm not kidding- Jeff's post from earlier today (the one right below this one) is awesome. Go read it thoroughly if you skimmed it.


Damian Romano said...

I was thinking we should have been listed #1, but maybe I'm just bias. Ya think!

Nah, you're absolutely right Andrew. Those other blogs, particularly the omitted ones, are first-rate theology blogs and should have been listed at or near the top.

glen. said...
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Carrie Allen said...

I saw that you guys were in the top 100...congrats! But I don't think they went in order of rating because it seemed like they were grouped together in different categories, and then just thrown in there in random order. I don't really know though... ;)

Anyway, I'm stoked for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Don't sell yourself short! Al Mohler, for goodness sake, is one huge idiot, posting blogs that I know he knows are full of misleading statements if not outright lies, all for political capital. You guys are a thinking person's blog and as such deserve every bit of your acclaim!

Andrew Faris said...


Al Mohler has a Ph.D., is the president of a major seminary, apparently has read 95% of the 30,000 books he owns, and is regarded quite highly by many brilliant, godly men.

So don't call him an idiot and imply that he's not a "thinking person." It sure makes you sound like you aren't one.

Thanks for the compliment though.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew--

This really isn't the place, I know, to debate Mohler, but he's either a very big fool (job title and number of books read aside) or a liar, someone who knows better but distorts facts to serve his political agenda. Frankly, I do imagine you're right--he's not an idiot--and it is the latter. Take, for instance, his most recent Crosswalk blog post: Either he believes Bishop Robinson of New Hampshire is an atheist--which is an idiotic thing to believe, but it is exactly what Mohler says--or Mohler is smart enough to understand why Robinson would say that a public prayer at a presidential inaugaration should be non-Christian and inclusive of everyone in that public place. If he understands that--which is pretty basic--then he's a liar to claim that Robinson is atheist. There's no other way to read it...and Mohler's blog is constantly filled with things like this--I only had to go to the most recent post for my evidence.

You guys are much, much better. Really.