Thursday, January 22, 2009

Carl F. H. Henry on Inerrancy

By Andrew Faris

Another good post by Fred Sanders today at Scriptorium on anniversary days in church history. Today would be Carl Henry's birthday, and Sanders notes that Henry, an inerrantist who helped draft the Chicago Statement, warned about elevating the doctrine too much:
“The New Testament supplies no basis for elevating scriptural inerrancy to kerygmatic superprominence. The apostolic core-message does not inject inerrancy into every proclamation of Christ’s incarnation and resurrection, and into the Bible’s proffered alternatives of repentance or judgment. Still less reason exists to revise the Apostle’s Creed by inserting inerrancy as its first article.”
Read the whole thing, and subscribe to Scriptorium- Sanders' series in this vein really has been great.

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