Monday, January 19, 2009

Beating Around The Bush

By: Jenny Bruce

Is it just me, or has the media coverage of George W. Bush's final days in office been just a teensy bit on the negative side? Here are a few articles that offer a slightly different perspective. If you like Bush, hopefully they'll be encouraging. If you have mixed feelings about Bush, hopefully they'll be thought provoking. And if you hate Bush, you can take comfort in the fact that this is probably the last time I'll post about him.

David Frum points out three areas Where Bush Was Right.

Barack Obama: Bush revisionist? That's what Charles Krauthammer thinks in Exit Bush, Shoes Flying.

How will history judge George W. Bush? Debra Saunders shares her thoughts in Bush Showed U.S. Is No Paper Tiger.

Greg Sheridan writes, "In his first term, Bush tripled US aid to sub-Saharan Africa. That's right, the US under Bush was giving three times more to Africa than it was under Clinton. And the increases kept coming during Bush's second term, so that if Obama continues the rate of increase, US aid will again be doubled by 2010." He elaborates on this and much more in What Went Right For Bush.


Anonymous said...

Three whole areas where Bush was right. That IS impressive! And that we weren't bombed--other than that one time--under his watch. Good enough, although I see no evidence in any of these pieces to prove we would have been attacked under a different president (or that a different president wouldn't also have increased aid to Africa.) But sure, the media is driving the country's attitude towards Bush, not reflecting it.....

Anonymous said...

My favorite quote during the Bush exit had to do with his increase of AID to Africa and PEPFAR:(Though I don't remember the source, sorry.)

"That's like getting the extra credit question right, but leaving the rest of the test blank."