Friday, January 30, 2009

As If You Needed Another Reason To Love Etsy

By: Jenny Bruce

I love Etsy. Not only does it contain the coolest handmade goods (check out a winning collection of John Golden's prints, some beautiful art-deco bookplates, and nifty Two Trick Pony notecards), but it's also home to sparkling political wit.

Ok, this Etsy member actually just reposted an old Dave Barry column about last year's attempts at reviving our economy, but I thought it was appropriate in light of the House passing the $819 billion stimulus package.

If you're in the mood for more serious fare about the aforementioned package, check out the following links:

Big government champion Ron Paul LOVES the economic stimulus package!

Do you know what's even more exciting than listening to the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer? Reading a transcript of the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer! Seriously, this interview with economists James Galbraith and Martin Feldstein is worth a read.

Would you believe that economists hold a variety of opinions on the stimulus package? Read a smattering of them here.


Anonymous said...

"Would you believe that economists hold a variety of opinions on the stimulus package?"

True, as your link to the WSJ page attests. However, the "variety of opinions" do not actually vary all that much, given that those economists (quoted by the WSJ) who are critical of the package criticize it for not being big enough...I see no one who objects to the idea of a huge government stimulus package. It's a question of how huge, and some (slight) disagreement about where the money should go. One reads that piece and realizes just how (sadly) necessary this legislation is.

PLEASE don't turn this web site--which so often provides thought-provoking reads on Christianity today--into another mindless right-wing rah rah. There are places where politics and religion intersect, and those debates can be fascinating. Then there are places where they do not.......

Jenny Bruce said...
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Jenny Bruce said...

Hey Allyson!

Thanks for your comment. I certainly don't want to turn this site into a "mindless right-wing rah rah" and please keep me in check if I start to pull out my pom poms.

My intention in this post was to present several different takes on the subject of the stimulus package - not to offer any definite conclusions on my part.

I'm curious, what about these links did you find mindlessly right wing? (Well, perhaps besides Ron Paul - although I think a dash of Ron Paul always spices up the mix!) I thought the economists on the NewsHour made some solid points and, as you said, the economists in the WSJ link did not object to the idea of a stimulus package. (By the way, the comment of "would you believe . . ." was meant to be facetious. I didn't mean to imply that I can't believe economists would have a variety of opinions on this complicated issue.)

I'd hate for anything I write to be mindless, so if you could let me know what in the post came across that way, I'd seriously appreciate it. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny--

Sorry for not being clear--I don't find anything mindless here; I was pleading for this site NOT to become a place of mindless postings, but I didn't mean to sound as though I was saying it had become one.

Look: it's a very, very common experience to be looking for Christian websites--you know, places to read articles, opinion pieces, researched essays, practical church hints (like your children's hymns pieces)--only to discover that instead of offering such, you find "Obama's stimulus package isn't so great!" or "Hollywood celebrities like Obama!" or "The nasty liberal media has been beating up on poor George W Bush" (to name a few from recent weeks here--but believe me, there are far worse out there on other "Christian" blogs.)

It's a fact that there are places where religion and politics mix--but there are lots of places where they don't. Maybe instead of "mindless" I should have said "predictable"--what I would hate to see happen here would be for this to turn into a place where predictable right-wing sound bites--the things I can get from Fox News, Crosswalk, etc--become the norm. I won't go, let's click on Christianity in Context to see what's new, I'll go, I can skip Christianity in Context because Obama has an economic plan and I know they'll be bashing it...

(True, you didn't bash. But it didn't seem like you posted that entry out of support, nor to offer anything much to do with the context of Christianity...)

Thanks for listening--

Jenny Bruce said...

Hey Allyson!

Thanks so much for your thoughtful response.

And point well taken. If I choose to post anything of a political nature in the future, I'll be sure to include (hopefully in a thought provoking and cogent way) how I think it relates to Christianity.



Anonymous said...

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