Wednesday, December 3, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite Links, Mid-Week Version

This Sunday we didn't quite get to our links post for any number of reasons (e.g. Norm and his wife just had their second child, so I don't think Norm has slept for about 6 days...hopefully he rests on the 7th day).

Most weeks I wouldn't bother revisiting a silly little link post, but I can't pass it up this time just because I've come across to many that I have thought to be absolutely outstanding.

Before I get to mine though, let me point you to Richard John Neuhaus' article from First Things on "The Deadly Convenience Of Christianity Without Culture". That was actually Jenny's link from Sunday which we unfortunately did not get to post.

Now let me point you in the direction of a few others that really are well worth the read:

1. Peter Leithart (whose blog is my new favorite- if you do not subscribe already, stop what you are doing and go subscribe) projects a sobering future history of abortion in America.
2. Leithart also suggests that even if you are all Obama-d out, we should be thankful for the prevalence and ubiquity of a loving African American family.
3. J. T. quotes a powerful section from Fred Sanders' sermon on the Trinity in Romans (go listen to the whole thing, or for that matter, to the whole Grace EV Free series on Romans).
4. Ralph Davis thinks he knows why the church pays no attention to the Old Testament (NB: It is rare that I read all of a post this long, but this one is well worth it). HT: JT.
5. Bill Mounce relates the definite article in 1 Tim. 4:13 to the lack of theological preaching in church.

Enjoy- and I would certainly love to hear any of your thoughts on any of those articles.

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