Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chrismas v. The American Way (According to Bill Faris)

One of the best posts I've read on my Dad's blog is his analysis of the usual optimism of American pseudo-moralistic Christmas and its fight with the pessimism of American anti-religious, economic-downturn progressivism. Only instead of using so many "ism's," he just describes the environment. Here is his main point:
My point is that sentimental Christmas is not up to this perfect storm of political correctness, financial crisis and collective fear and loathing. Santa's sleigh is stalled in line at the WalMart and not even Rudolph's red nose can penetrate the gathering gloom. O'Reilley might be handing out "Merry Christmas" bumper stickers, but instead of being a familiar traditional greeting, the phrase has become a defiant political statement along the lines of "hell no, we won't go".

What we need is REAL Christmas -- the Jesus-centered kind. That's because the Bible reminds us that the First Christmas took place during a period of political oppression, social turmoil and religious sterility. "That", God said, "is the kind of environment that is just right for my Messiah to come". This is the Jesus, the True Gift of Christmas , that we need in times like these. He is the One who climbed into this world "silently, so silently" before shaking us to the core when the time was just right.
Read the whole thing.

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Bill Faris said...

Your Dad is a genius.