Friday, November 7, 2008

"In Defense of Gay Marriage" Reconsidered

Jeff is tired of talking politics. I am too. But I can't pass this one up.

I've been listening to talk radio for the last couple days, curious to hear analysis of and interaction with the results from all of the various issues from Tuesday. I probably would have been sick of this by Wednesday at noon if it was all about Savior-Elect Obama, but my California airwaves have been filled instead with discussion of the passing of Prop 8.

I hope I am not arrogant when I assume that some of you will remember my going on record as not being against gay marriage- or at least not that against gay marriage. Truth be told, this election season has revealed to me my own political incompetence. I have been forced to consistently reconsider my positions on various issues and recognize some as more complex than I had previously thought. I'm still young.

This is one such issue, and what troubles me most now is that both sides want to make it simpler than it is. On the one hand, I stand by my primary contention with my previous post: I am not ready to argue that Christians should pull a simple, "The Bible says it so let's legislate it." This kind of thinking strikes me as somewhere between lazy and naive, with a dash of self-righteousness to add some flavor.

On the other hand what troubles me now is that I've been listening to radio personalities and various facebook friends express their disgust with those of us who ended up voting "yes" on 8. The issue is pinned as one of basic human civil rights, such that past bans on interracial marriage are invoked as perfectly analogous. Those who are against gay marriage are religious wackos who hate gays. The issue comes down to denying human rights, and no one should deny human rights.

What troubles me is the thoughtlessness on both sides. My older post addressed the religious right's thoughtlessness, so let me spend my comments here on the progressive left. I will be as brief and direct as possible and state my concerns:

Why does the state sanction marriage in the first place? Because the state recognizes that marriage produces children and as such build the blocks of society. Further, a good marriage tends to produce good children, which tends to produce a good society. It is thus in the best interest of society to reward marriage. But homosexuals cannot in fact produce children, which means that marriage for them has little to no societal benefit in that very sense. So why should the state sanction their marriages? If homosexuals want to have state-sanctioned civil unions, which would entitle them to many of the benefits of marriage (including, e.g., the necessary medical and legal considerations for their partners), that would be reasonable. Those are civil rights that heterosexuals and homosexuals alike should be entitled to. But there is no sense in the state rewarding homosexual union in the same way it does heterosexual union, because homosexual union does not have the same societal benefits.

This, by the way, is from what I understand the reason why even Obama thinks that homosexuals should be allowed civil unions but not marriages, and I don't know many "no on prop 8" types who don't like him!

Further, it is still yet to be seen what kind of effect homosexual unions will have on the children that homosexuals adopt and society in general. It is at this point not at all clear that this is a good thing for those children (one of the main reasons I did end up voting yes on 8).

Finally, I have not heard a homosexual marriage advocate address the slippery slope question: what is the limit of the term "marriage" for society? That is, what of other alternatives to one man and woman marriages, such as polygamy? If the reason that we allow homosexuals to marry is because homosexuals want to marry, why not allow polygamy to be carried out as legal, state-sanctioned marriage?

I am not saying that none of these concerns are answerable, by the way. I am still a libertarian wrestling with many of those issues. And I should add that it is a whole new experience for this person who tends to always be clearly one side of an issue or another to be in the gray middle. But this, like most political issues, is complex. It cannot be isolated as a single issue, but must be taken as one part of a larger political theory. And as far as I can tell, many of the loudest voices on this subject are unable to address it on this level.


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Phil Sumpter said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I've just discovered that a Christian friend of mine is living is a gay relationship and is trying to adopt. Suddenly, this issue is of deep relevance to me. I haven't thought too much about it, but I cannot comprehend how bringing up children in a gay household can be healthy for the child and beneficial to society.

Anonymous said...

Without God, morality cannot exist. Humans cannot construct a consistent morality for they/we are inconsistent beings. God deemed homosexual relationships immoral/sinful. Who are we, who are you to question God? Please, continue to construct your own morality. In his own way, our Lord will help you realize your foolishness.

Anonymous said...

The issue in relation to the christian perspective should be decided by morality not human rights.
Human rights is more idealogical, and not really biblical. The question can be answered your way, but that opens the can of worms for a myriad of other issues. Such as abortion. Our country has replaced morality for tolerance. Tolerate what ever the society at the time deems appropriate. I'm not saying that the gray areas society has made progress in are all bad, but biblical worldview should trump human right. Especially since human rights is dependant on the whatever is right in the societies' eyes. I think it is safe to judge gay marriage as inappropriate based on the Bible. That isn't combining church and state, but adhering to your christian conscience. I don't believe anyone can separate their religion from their political decisions. If they are truly religious, beyond the point of a nominal participant. We all progress in our views as we get older and more mature, but our foundation should always be the same. Without that foundation truth becomes relative.

Andrew Faris said...


I have hesitated on responding to your comment because it seems to be such a good example of exactly what I'm talking about: we should legislate what the Bible says, no matter what.

But that just is not helpful, especially not the way you've phrased it. Let me ask you one question and we'll leave it at that for now: if we're so concerned with what the Bible says, find me a passage that says that we should legislate biblical morality at a political level (and OT Law doesn't count here because that was supposed to be a Yahwistic nation, whereas I am working on the assumption that America is not a Christian nation).


Much more thoughtful disagreement, which I appreciate. I think the problem here is that we're talking about two different things. You are talking about unchanging moral standards, which are always true and right. I won't dispute you on that.

My question is whether or not we should seek to legislate it just because the Bible says it. I am not as sure we should as you seem to be. This is primarily because I am working on the assumption that America is not a Christian nation.

I am also not as sure that this is a slippery slope, though in general that's a good concern to raise on an issue like this. Regarding abortion, what we are talking about is the murder of another human. No society can function reasonably if people are allowed to be killed. Legislation should be in place to not allow me to do something to you that will be physically harmful to you. That is the simple issue there.

I think I have more to say about this sort of thing, but that I have already outlined most of it in these two posts. Further, I'm feeling particularly inarticulate right now. Oh well- hopefully see my point.

Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.


Anonymous said...

My argument against gay "marriage" is fairly simple: it doesn't exist. The Bible is clear that marriage is a union between a man and a woman; therefore two men can no more be married than I can draw a square circle. Governments don't create marriages; they recognize them. The government has no power to change God's definition, although it can lie about what marriage is.

Now I understand that you may be thinking of government marriage as not corresponding to real marriage, but I, and I would guess a majority in society, would like for government marriages to be the same as real marriages. If you don't want that, and prefer some type of civil union policy, it would be better to advocate that the government not regulate marriage at all and rather just grant civil unions. (I don't support that, as I think it would do great damage in a society where families are already dangerously weak and don't have strong societal/institutional support.) But don't push for SSM; using the word marriage just creates confusion.

As for a biblical reason why we should, in your terms, "legislate morality" (and I would note that we're already doing that with incest laws), I would go to Romans 13. Paul teaches that government should commend those who do good and punish those who do evil. SSM flips that on its head: the government declares as valuable and worthy of promotion homosexual unions that God considers abominable, while at the same time labeling Christians who oppose them as haters and bigots. SSM will inevitably lead to Christians being considered as equivalent to segregationists, with legal penalties quickly following.

If you would like to see a more fully developed version of my views, you can find them here:

Anonymous said...

I'm not arguing that because the Bible says so it should be law. My argument is your approach to world view. An argument for or against an a law can only be done from a starting point. Without a starting point for truth, anything goes. A foundation of some sort that is agreed upon. Weather it be the Bible, Torah, Koran, Hammurabbi's code, or whatever you politically or religiously adhere to. Everybody approaches politics this way,and if they deny it I don't believe them. Christians are ok for desiring a biblical basis for the direction of their country. Mormons desire their perspective to influence politics. Everybody has a perspective. Culturally we are a christian nation, but if you argue that we are not a christian nation that is fine. Then the consensus of the people becomes the deciding point of the morality of the nation. That is why gay marriage is ok. Society has judged it so in their own eyes. The majority decides. That is why based on that ideology abortion is ok. On what basis is it wrong? Your feeling is that it is wrong, but the majority feeling is it's ok.
Who determines human rights?
Society becomes the god who directs our destiny.
Death penalty is good 50 fifty years ago, but now we are deciding maybe it isn't the right thing to do. It isn't humane to take another's life. So does that make it ok? Some things appear to be simple decisions to us, like abortion, but not so clear to the rape victim. Her basis of deciding the issue is what is fair to her. What is her right. Society has agreed with her at this point so it is good to have the abortion. If in the future, for whatever reason, society changes it's mind it will no longer be good. Who decides? Society and whatever seems right in it eyes.
That is why I think it is ok to no to gay marriage. It doesn't align to my foundation which is the Bible. If people live that way fine, but government shouldn't have to recognize it. That is my view even if society as a consensus does not agree.


Anonymous said...

Many important issues here. First, to S Thomas and the many others who say similar things: it is not at all "clear" that the Bible says homosexuality is immoral, nor the practice of homosexual acts, nor allowing two same-sex people to marry. If it were "clear" there wouldn't be such large numbers of Christians who believe otherwise, including, obviously a great many learned Christian scholars. You might--obviously do--disagree with their Biblical interpretation, but like any any textual interpretation, one cannot claim "clarity" when there is such widespread diversity of opinion. Your opinions are valid, but that only goes so far. Second, although Prop 8 did pass and so the "will of the people" is clear, it is simply inarguable that civil rights cannot be legislated by straight democratic vote, by majority rule. Civil rights protect the minority--we did not/could not wait for the southern Jim Crow states to decide to vote to end Jim Crow, etc etc. Is gay marriage a civil rights issue? That, too, cannot be decided by majority vote. The governor of CA is correct: this needs to go back to the Supreme Court. That's where it belonged all along (even if Prop 8 had failed). Do gay people have equal protection? Do they even if they cannot get married? These are not issues for straight democratic votes. Third, Prop 8 had nothing to do with the effect on the children when they are adapted or raised by gay parents. There's enough evidence to suggest that there is no harmful effect, but of course we'll have much more evidence in 10-20 years. I'm betting they are no mroe effected than the children of interracial couples (we just elected one of those president) who were being "protected" 50 years ago by very similar arguments.