Saturday, October 18, 2008

Won't Somebody Please Think Of The Children?

One of my favorite things to do as a child was put on dress up clothes, play Christian kids’ music, and sing in front of my full length mirror. (I’ll admit that staring at oneself for hours was probably not the ideal way to digest the meaning of those songs, but there you go.) At age five or six, I was particularly troubled by the refrain of the song “Love Never Fails” from “The Music Machine.” It went “love never fails, love never fails, there ain’t nothing love can’t do, aren’t you glad that God loves you.” After listening to this chorus I promptly told my dad, “I know something that love can’t do. Not love.”

Many of you have probably heard of the fantastic children's CD “Awesome God” that is bound to help kids ponder even deeper issues than what love can or cannot do. Each song is wonderfully God-centered and teaches great theological concepts. Consider the lyrics to “Mighty Mighty Savior”: “Sin is too strong, for me to conquer on my own. I need someone to help me. I am too weak, I cannot change my evil heart, I need someone to cleanse me." Our Sunday schoolers (even the wildest boys) love singing “Sovereign One”: “Sovereign One, You work all things to Your plan. Sovereign One, You hold all things in Your hands.” At this week's kids' choir we had a great conversation about how nothing can compare to God after singing, "For You Are Holy": "Only You have no beginning, only You could make the skies. Only You are truth unending, only You are always wise." My person favorite is “Three in One” and I think it may be my favorite song ever about the Trinity.

“Awesome God” is produced by Sovereign Grace Ministries and it definitely deserves a place on the shelf next to “Singsational Servants” and “Bullfrogs and Butterflies.”

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