Monday, October 20, 2008

Watt's Up?

On this Monday afternoon, I'd like to take a moment to express my gratitude for the following things that are consistently excellent: Christopher Guest movies, Bittersweet Cafe hot chocolate, my mom's jokes, Stephen Sondheim musicals, Martha Stewart DIY projects, my dad's sermons, Zachary's deep dish pepperoni pizza, Tim Keller Bible studies, Anthropologie sweaters, discussions at my small group, Project Runway, Amy Butler textiles, Tim Goodman's column in the SF Chronicle, service at San Leandro Honda, Safeway, Mimi's buttermilk spice muffins, Spark on PBS, Disneyland, Discount School Supply products, and Isaac Watts' hymns, including "Is This The Kind Return." Enjoy!

Is this the kind return,
And these the thanks we owe,
Thus to abuse eternal love,
Whence all our blessings flow?

To what a stubborn frame
Has sin reduced our mind!
What strange rebellious wretches we,
And God as strangely kind!

On us He bids the sun
Shed his reviving rays;
For us the skies their circles run,
To lengthen out our days.

The brutes obey their God,
And bow their necks to men;
But we, more base, more brutish things,
Reject His easy reign.

Turn, turn us, mighty God,
And mold our souls afresh;
Break, sov’reign grace, these hearts of stone,
And give us hearts of flesh.

Let old ingratitude
Provoke our weeping eyes,
And hourly as new mercies fall
Let hourly thanks arise.

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