Sunday, October 26, 2008

These Are a Few of my Favorite Links

Since we first introduced our Sunday "These Are a Few of my Favorite Links" weekly post, we've posted precisely, well, one link post. Just that first one. Shame on us.

Anyway, we still think it's a good idea and I (Andrew) decided it was time to get back on it. So in case you missed it last time, rather than giving you a general smattering of links for the week, each CiC contributor each week will enter his or her link that s/he thinks is the absolute best thing s/he has read on the internet from the week. Quality over quantity, like when you order shrimp instead of beef...

Andrew: Fred Sanders reflects on the coming of the book in the story of salvation history.
Damian: Justin Taylor interviews R. C. Sproul on his new children's book, The Prince's Poison Cup.
Jenny: Brian M. Carney looks at the McCain and Obama tax plans.

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