Friday, October 31, 2008

Seriously, It's Been On The Calendar All Year Long

You forgot again, didn't you. The fact that today is Reformation Day didn't even enter your mind until you flipped on your television and saw Martha Stewart demonstrating how to make a Diet of Worms cake. Then you stepped outside and saw everyone wearing their Martin Luther masks. You got into your car and every radio station was playing "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" (Natalie Cole's rendition is particularly good.) When you arrived at work, you discovered you were the only one who forgot a gift for the Reformation Day office gift exchange and thought to yourself, "Another Reformation Day ruined. Why do I always forget about these things?"

Never fear. Reformation Day 2008 can still be salvaged. Check out the following links for the perfect Reformation Day gift:

Here I Stand Socks - in navy or black!

Little Lutheran Onesie - for your littlest Lutheran friends!

Lutheran Rose Tattoo Pack - you'll be too cool for school!

Martin And Katie Wind-Up Dolls - why not?

German Reformers Poster - the one element missing from my new home.

Classics Of The Christian Faith CDs - Max Mclean narrates 5 classics by Luther, Augustine, Edwards, Bunyan, and Whitefield.

John Calvin T-Shirt - really, can you ever have too many t-shirts?

Ulrich Zwingli Poster - sure, all the other girls have Martin Luther hanging on their dorm room walls. But since when did you care so much about fitting in?

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