Friday, October 17, 2008

The Latest on Abortion

Over the last week or so J. T. has linked to a number of different voices on the abortion issue, most of which have been exceptionally stimulating. I figured it would be worth reproducing each of the ones I have enjoyed in one post here:

- Randy Alcorn doesn't think that Christians should vote for Obama because he is pro-choice, and has interacted with Donald Miller about it.
- Donald Miller is pro-life and voting for Obama.
- Russell Moore compared single issue pro-life voting to single issue anti-slavery voting.
- J. T. himself outlines what the Freedom of Choice Act (which Obama is dead set on implementing) actually is.
- Al Mohler is a single issue pro-life voter, but sees evangelicals unfortunately getting tired of fighting this battle.
- Robert P. George doesn't understand how voting for the ultra pro-choice Obama could possibly reduce the number of abortions.

One more reason why if you only read one blog, you should read J. T.'s (it certainly shouldn't be ours!).

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Anonymous said...

Yes. J.T. has an excellent blog.

I also like yours.