Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bill Faris is Blogging

Most times if we post at all on a Sunday anymore it is a link post. This post is indeed a link post, but I have made the executive decision to go with only one link this week, and that to my Father's new blog.

Any of you who have read this blog for some time have seen some of my posts about my Father's ministry, particularly its recent changes. If you aren't familiar with any of that and want some context, go back and this post that I wrote in June.

My Dad was not only a pastor for thirty some odd years and still a truly godly man, but is also exceptionally thoughtful and a fantastic writer. I highly recommend giving his blog a read.

Oh yeah, here's the link: I'm guessing that most of it will cover thoughts on church ministry and I suspect it will be very helpful to those who think about these sorts of things...

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Bill Faris said...

Of all the posts I've read on christiansincontext -- and I've read a lot of them -- this is the most valuable one yet. A real tour de force. Brilliant work, Andrew. Just brilliant.