Sunday, July 6, 2008


  1. James White responds to John Piper.
  2. Glimpses of Christian History.
  3. Tablet ignites debate on Messiah and Resurrection.
  4. Kevin Boiling speaks with Kostenberger on his book Whatever happened to truth.
  5. Top 5 commentaries on Luke.
  6. Riddlebarger points us to a new book from R. Scott Clark on Reformed Theology.
  7. Patton's top 10 reasons not to become a Christian (audio).
  8. Articles on the Historical Jesus.
  9. Table of Chruch Pedigrees.
  10. Thinking about a PhD?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

It is highly probable this "ancient tablet" is simply another sensationalist scam, as is clearly indicated by the facts

(1) that no specific information is available on its provenance and

(2) that no details are provided on carbon dating of the ink.

As such, this "news" brings to mind the faked Lost-Tomb-of-Jesus "documentary" designed to make a profit off of people's fascination with the "real" Jesus, as well as the larger scandal of the biased and misleading way the Dead Sea scrolls are being presented in museum exhibits around the world, with an antisemitic expression appearing on a government-run North Carolina museum's website. See, e.g.,