Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just Published....

The folks at Third Millenium Ministries are one of a few ministries that offer what has been called e-zine's or web-mags. Basically it is an online magazine/journal. Theirs is call Reformed Perspectives Magazine, which is a free online library of articles which present viewpoints from the Reformed Protestant community both historical and contemporary.

In any event, this week they have published an article I wrote called "Complete Grace". Its basically a brief primer on the doctrine of election. Below is a short section of the article. You can access the rest here (

"It has been said that there are two ways in which man formulates his theology. Either he embraces a man-centered theology (anthropocentric), or he holds to a God-centered theology (theocentric). If one wants to remain consistent with the truth taught in the Bible, that is, what God reveals to his creatures concerning himself, though it may come as a shock, one has no alternative but to choose a God-centered theology...." CONTINUE.

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