Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Christian Theology defined by Vinoth Ramachandra. I found this quote kind of intriguing and worthy of further thought.

"Christian theology is more than a set of doctrinal beliefs or systematic arguments. It is a way of seeing, of so dwelling in a particular language and doing new things with that language so that its revelatory and transformative power is manifest in the world. That language arose out of specific historical events that both constitute us as the ekklesia of Christ and call forth characteristic social practices such as thanksgiving, forgiving, exposing evil, truth-telling, welcoming the broken and the hopeless, and bearing testimony to grace. Such a theology seeks comprehensiveness because it seeks to bear prophetic witness to One whose speach-acts heal, renew and transform the world in its entirety, but its own speach is always broken, sharing in the not-yet-redeemed character of the world."

From his book Subverting Global Myths (IVP, 2008)

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