Monday, June 2, 2008

Free Speech, and the Homosexuality Agenda.

There is definitely an agenda in America, there's no doubt about it. My friend Drew Buell, Youth Minister at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Mount Vernon, WA has found himself smack dab in the middle. Below is a excerpt from his blog post, the full post can be found here, and a follow up here. Please pray for him and offer up support regarding this. We need to stand for what makes this country great, our freedom of speech. But more importantly we need to stand for the truth of the Gospel.

"Several months ago the local High School in Mount Vernon became the first school in our state to have an official homosexual club on campus, even allowing them to hold an "Over the Rainbow Festival" where they brought in speakers and propaganda promoting their agenda.

I was privileged to be invited by the recently established Christian Club, on the same campus, to come and speak on "What the Bible teaches about homosexuality" last Thursday. The meeting went extremely well, with great dialogue from both the homosexual students and the Christian students. Sadly, last week I received a phone call from the school asking me never to come back to the campus due primarily to the separation of Church and State.In addition to all of this, this weekend I have an article that will be published in the local newspaper dealing with the same topic of "What the Bible teaches about homosexuality" along with an opposing view point from another local pastor."


Anonymous said...

The problem with this scenario is that those who are homosexual don't see this as a religious issue while those who oppose a homosexual lifestyle almost always do so because of their particular religious views.

So while this pastor is attempting to reaffirm his view on what the Bible says about homosexuality, he's ultimately crossing that line of separation of church and state because he's addressing the issue on religious grounds.

On the other hand, if a group of homosexual students want to organize, discuss, and provide information about who they are or claim to be, they are perfectly within their rights because their platform is not a religious viewpoint but, to them, a matter of what they believe their true identity to be. For Christians, the matter of our true identity is inherently connected to our faith, but for non-Christians, that doesn't fly and their view is protected by the rule of law.

While I do sympathize with the pastor here and I do believe his intentions are only good, under the rule of law the school is simply protecting itself and doing the right thing.

That being said, I will certainly pray for him and for the students as well.

Norman Jeune III said...

Zach I think you summed that up perfectly. Great comment!