Saturday, May 17, 2008

Worthy Links...

  1. Great wisdom (and writing!) from Sean Lucas on considering ministry or a Ph.D.
  2. Prodigal Jon on Christians being good at ultimate frisbee (it really is true- just ask my Biola intramural team!).
  3. Fred Sanders briefly reviews Michael Ward's Planet Narnia (I saw Ward lecture on it last night at Biola and his case is bulletproof).
  4. If you're interested in "Stuff White People Like"
  5. More G. K. Beale resources.
  6. A chart of the Two Views of Regeneration.
  7. An Ecclesiological Assessment of the Emerging Church Movement by John Hammett (here)
  8. Don Carson on The Openness of God.
  9. Scott McKnight on Faith Based Scholarship.

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