Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hot Links

  1. Matthew Montonini interviews Ken Berding about singing through Greek (I took Berding for a number of classes at Biola- he's a genius, and the most disciplined person I have ever met. If he says it works, it works).
  2. Alex Chediak blogs on the reThink conference (here).
  3. James K. A. Smith has an intriguing article called Teaching a Calvinist to Dance.
  4. R. C. Sproul now accepts a literal 6-day creation (here) [HT: Patton]
  5. Want to review the Greek you learned in Seminary? (here) [HT: Harold Simmons]
  6. Derek Thomas interviews D. A. Carson on his new book Christ and Culture Revisited. (here) [HT: JT]
  7. James White in Theology Matter - comments on God, Marriage, and California (here)
  8. John Frame briefly answer the Open Theist (here)
  9. McCain now rejects Hagee, and Hagee withdrawals endorement. (here)
  10. Romans 1:25?

1 comment:

Carrie Allen said...

McCain rejected Hagee?? Hagee rejects McCain?? That's hilarious!

Who they heck is Hagee gunna vote for?