Saturday, May 10, 2008

A few links...

  1. Kostenberger speaks about his upcoming book Father, Son, and Spirit: The Trinity in John's Gospel, co-authored with Scott R. Swain. (here)
  2. Coming in November, SEBTS will be holding a conference to examine the life and legacy of Francis Schafer. (here)
  3. Patton discusses Women as Teachers. (here)
  4. Here is an interesting clip of an elderly lady ministering to her assailant. (here)
  5. Types of Ecclesiology?...(here)
  6. An Evangelical Manifesto? (nah, too many)
  7. Darrell Bock on Emerging Christologies. (here)
  8. A sermon from Sproul on The Unpardonable Sin (here).
  9. Chart: Comparison of Christian Denominational Belief's (here)
  10. Jesus and Peter discuss 1st century Church Management Theory (here)
  11. Molinism and bad TV programming (here)
  12. Historicity and the Bible: What Kinds of Proposals are Theologically Valid? (here)
  13. reTHINK conference only 1 week away! (here) Sponsored by Two Institutions.


Carrie Allen said...

Patton's post on women as teachers started quite an "uproar"...i've never seen so many comments. ;)

Damian Romano said...

Tell me about it. Nearly 200 comments pretty much means you hit the nail on the head of quite the touchy subject.