Monday, May 26, 2008

10 Ways to know whether a blog is Reformed.

10. There is a weekly hat tip to a Justin Taylor posting.
9. 50% of the blog posts critique the Emergent church movement.
8. The subtitle mentions grace or mercy.
7. John 6 or Romans 9 is readily accessible.
6. They look for someway to mock Rick Warren.
5. Tim Keller or John Piper is their hero.
4. The “currently reading…” section contains at least one John MacArthur book.
3. When searching their blog for John Calvin there is over 100 entries.
2, Somewhere on the blog is a link for TableTalk magazine or Monergism books.
1. Tim Challies is in their blog roll.


Anonymous said...


David A. Carlson said...



Damian Romano said...

Okay, maybe not 50%, but at least 30.


Anonymous said...

Funny stuff.

I fit only under #8, 5, and currently #2 due to a chance at a prize given by #1.

(A bit saddened by some of #9, most of #6, and #4 is not my hero like #5. Perhaps will have reached #3 in a few years.)

Maybe I'm not Reformed enough?

Props to Keller and Piper.

David A. Carlson said...

I was thinking 100%.

At least in the comments, all evil must be attributed by at least one commentor to emergents

Anonymous said...

The supreme, exhaulted, abundant, exuberance, glorified, exceptional, enormous, spectacular, qualities of an adjectively cavalcadian flowery sermon by John Piper, don't do a thing for me.
This is one Lutheran who can see right through all that Baptist law preaching.

Damian Romano said...

I should have added the Westminster Bookstore referral graphic link to #2. Boy is that everywhere!

P3T3RK3Y5 said...