Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thoennes, Talley, and Grace EV Free on Romans

Dr. Erik Thoennes (who I t.a. for at Biola) and Dr. David Talley are the primary teaching pastors at Grace Evangelical Free Church in La Mirada, CA, where they semi-recently began preaching through Romans.

I do not attend Grace EV Free, but I listen to sermons from there all the time. Talley and Thoennes are two of the best preachers I know, and not only has my girlfriend (who does go to the church and is dang smart) attested to how good this series has been, but I've begun listening through it and have been both convicted and blessed.

It's the series called "The Story of Redemption" when you click on the link. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Andrew. I have a friend who attends the church, Dr. Alan Gomes, and he thinks highly of the series as well. If you see Dr. Gomes, tell him his friend Richard Wolfe says he isn't Reformed enough. It won't get you an "A" in his class, but it may get you a smile.

Andrew Faris said...

Ha! That's great. And if I see Gomes around, I'll let him know. I'm not in any of his classes these days, but I'm pretty good friends with his son and I have a few more weeks at Talbot, so I might just see him.

And you're quite welcome for the link Richard. It really has been very good.

Carrie Allen said...

I also appreciate the link; I didn't know I could get to the series online. Thanks!