Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Temple and the Church's Mission - part 1: some questions to start

Before I begin my journey through Beale's book on the Temple and the Church's Mission (which is in the mail as we speak), I wanted to start off by giving sort of an outline to what I hope to accomplish by reading it. Obviously I'm hoping to gain a more thorough understanding of the purpose of the Temple with respect to Old Testament history as well as the New Testament. But here are some further things I hope to accomplish...
  1. I'm hoping Beale addresses in detail how the NT Gospels and Epistles relate to the Temple.
  2. How a literal verses a symbolic interpretation affects how we view The New Temple as expressed in Ezekiel 40-48.
  3. Jesus' reference to himself as the temple.
  4. Is the Temple spiritual or physical? Future or now?
  5. What implications does taking a literal approach (as premillenials do) have on ones overall hermeneutic.

By looking at the table of contents I'm sure that some if not all of these questions will be answered. I'm particularly looking forward to chapter 5 which is The "Already and Not Yet" Fulfillment of the End-Time Temple in Christ and His People: The Gospels, and chapter 11 which speaks to The Temple in Ezekiel 40--48 and Its Relationship to the New Testament. Reason being, how one views these two aspects seems to have a major (if not the defining) say in how one executes their biblical theology.

I know this topic isn't the most clear cut, but I'll try my best to relate it in the simplest of terms as I tackle each chapter. Like I said in my last post, I'd like the readers to chime in here a little, see their thoughts on eschatology as a whole. Perhaps in your mind these are simple questions to answer. Well, I'm really open when it comes to this subject. I said I was ammillenial, but really I'm nothing. I just want to examine the evidence that presents itself and come to the most accurate understanding I'm able to.

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