Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sin: a personal preference?

The following excerpt is from Banner of Truth's abridge version of John Owen's The Mortification of Sin. Like I've said before, I read Owen devotionally. This particular section hit right home with me. I can't tell you how often I find myself with the same mind set that he describes; often battling one vice while neglecting the others. That is, not taking into consideration the seriousness of sin as a whole as opposed that which I only struggle with. I'm sure after reading this you'll feel the same way I did.

"We must hate all sin, as sin, and not just that which troubles us. Love for Christ, because He went to the cross, and hate for sin that sent Him there, is the solid foundation for true spiritual mortification. To seek mortification only because a sin troubles us precedes from self-love. Why do you with all diligence and earnestness seek to mortify this sin? Because it troubles you and takes away your peace, and fills your heart with sorrow, trouble, and fear and because you do not have rest through it? Yes, but, friend, you have neglected prayer and reading! You have been vain and loose in your conversation with other things. These are just as sinful as the one that troubles you. Jesus Christ bled for them also. Why do you not set yourself against them? If you hate sin as sin, and every evil way, you would be watchful against everything that grieves and disquiets the Spirit of God. you would not be concerned only about the sin that upsets your own soul! It is evident that you fight against this sin because it troubles you. If it did not bother your conscience you would let it alone. If it did not bother you, you would not bother it. Do you think God will help you in such a hypocritical effort? Do you think that the Holy Spirit will help in the treachery and falsehood of your own spirit? Do you think he will free you from this so you are free to go and commit another sin with grieves Him?

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pcg said...

Thank you for posting this; I found it terribly convicting.