Thursday, April 3, 2008

Scholarship for the laity

Recently I've been doing some thinking about starting an organization (or, association) for lay theologians. Reason being, while there is so much in the academic arena to help promote theological instruction, there seems to be little in the way for those not called to full time ministry. Sure there are resources that we all can access, they're not restricted to just the scholars. But what I see missing is the outlet (or medium) for those individuals, like myself, who can exercise and contribute to the scholarly inquiry. While I'm fully aware that blogosphere is an excellent channel, I have a vision for something bigger; something more official. So what I propose is to develop an alliance of self educated Christians for the promotion of theology essay's, publications, and the like. Something along the lines of an Evangelical Theological Society, but exclusively for the laymen. Therefore I propose launching the first Lay Theologian Society. I have much more to consider, but I figure I could round up some other bloggers/readers who find this an appealing endeavor.

If this is something that you might be interested in, please contact me, at the "info" email on the side bar. I'm looking for a few like-minded men who can offer some ideas, who might want to band together. I'd also appreciate some help to spread the idea from our readers and fellow bloggers.

Onward Christian Soldiers!


Anonymous said...


I'm all for the LTS and for the trading cards too. I have 3 Jacob Arminius that I will trade you for a John Calvin.:-)

Damian Romano said...

I appreciate the encouragement Mike. But there's no way you'll get my Calvin! Throw in a Luther rookie card and you've got a deal!