Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On Andrew Faris

Hey folks,
It is a distinct pleasure to have been invited to post on Christians in Context. Norm and I thought it would be good for me to tell you a bit about myself so you know at least a little a bit of what lies behind the new name on this blog.

My name is Andrew Faris. I am 24 years old and unmarried (currently dating a fine woman named Britt, who you can see from the picture is way out of my league).

I graduated in Fall '05 with a B. A. in Biblical Studies from Biola University (thus my connection to Norm) and will be finished this summer with my M. A. in New Testament from Talbot School of Theology. Before you ask, I don't know what is next for me. Maybe just sitting around and blogging if I can't come up with a job.

The Biola professor I t.a. for says that the best way to really get to know someone is to find out what they love and what they hate. I think he's right, so here you go:

I love Jesus, the Bible, theology, music (jazz, folk, indie rock, Johnny Cash) the Los Angeles Dodgers, black coffee, ultimate frisbee and disc golf, dark beer, my pipe, root beer, Chipotle, In-N-Out, and my family, friends, and godly mentors.

I hate my struggle with sin, bad Bible teaching, how afraid to share the gospel I can be, smooth jazz, pop country music, the San Francisco Giants, how slowly I read, grading papers, light beer, vegetables, and my inability to focus during prayer.

There is always more stuff that I could add to lists like this, but I'll end with a quick thanks to Norm, Damian, and anyone who is still reading. I look forward to interacting with all of you.

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Carrie Allen said...

Hmmm...struggle with sin?...
What's your position on Romans 7?