Friday, April 11, 2008

Hip-hop inspired Hymn lyrics

The other day I was cleaning out my hard drive (no, that's not a metaphor) and came across some old lyrical poetry that I had written when I first became a Christian some 7 years ago. The setting I came out of at the time of my conversion was the hip hop scene. No, I wasn't overly ambitious to become a mogul, I just loved to listen to the creative use of words and the mental pictures that can be created through this genre. Unfortunately most of what was (and is) being conveyed through modern hip hop is a slew of debauchery. Nevertheless, when I became a Christian I attempted to combine the two loves I had a the time.

In the spirit of amusement, I figured I'd post some of my old works. This particular stanza was the beginning of a composition that offered a perspective from Jesus. Enjoy!

I was sent here to defeat the thief and bleed for the people,
To preach the resistance of evil and teaching to seek the kingdom,

Wisdom exceeding the leaders even as a teenager,
Releasing a legion of demons into creatures years later,

I spoke in parables and compared most of the rarest things to gold,
Thirty pieces I was sold and even suffered worse than Job,

Surprised the minds of the Rabbis by stating a line,
Written by the Scribes, Scripture that was initially mine,

The texture of a lesson came in the form of question,
Convey a message using any section of the Old Testament,

Forever contended I ascended to heaven,
My blessing to you is endless intercession,
Pending you repent of sin,

My weapon is double edged with a central premise,
Its message is perfected through prophetic redemption,

Attention to the skeptic, Try explaining how I was resurrected,
The truth has seemed ineffective to those who reject it,

Well respected detectives have learned to accept the evidence,
Malevolence has been here ever since the devil sinned,

In the beginning he tried convincing angles to plot against me,
He tempted my creation now he’s facing eternal damnation,

Before Abraham was I am, perpetuation,
Adulteration in action no more continuation,

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