Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Scrapbook...

(Sunday Scrapbook is your chance to sound off about your worship experience this week at church. True theology is always concerned with the worship of the church, so we want to hear how you were impacted by the word, the music, the sacraments or the fellowship at your church this week. For this weekly post, we ask that you keep all your comments constructive and positive.)

Sadly, I committed the unpardonable sin today of forsaking the assembling of myself and family with other worshipers within my church community. In other words, I missed church. And though this happens from time to time (I have 3 kids 5 and under), believe it or not, I still believed I'm saved. :) Nevertheless, I do want to sound off on what I have been doing in my devotion time.

As you can see from the side bar, I have been reading John Owen's book on the Holy Spirit devotionally. I do so because Owen is so dynamic in his writings on a given subject that ever single paragraph, nay, every sentence I read seems to enrich my soul (besides that, I love the 17th century hair!). Lately because of how encouraged I have become by this I was actually thinking of contacting Justin Taylor and suggesting a John Owen daily devotional. But who knows, he's probably working on it.

Anyway, I've selected for my devotion today his chapter on Sanctification [as] a Progressive Work. A few weeks ago I did a post on spiritual growth where I talked about how part of growing spiritually was growing in the knowledge of the Lord. Well, today I just wanted to quote Owen and allow the Christian in Context readers to get a taste of Owen's work and perhaps gain the insight that I've been reaping. Here it is...

"These trees and plants have the principal of their growth in themselves. They do not grow immediately from external adventitious aid, but from their own seminal virtue and radical moisture. It is no otherwise in the progress of holiness; it has a root, a seed, a principle of growth in the soul. All grace is the immortal seed, and contains in it a living growing principle, (John 4:14). That which has not in itself a life and power of growth, is not grace. And therefore what ever duties men perform, as directed by natural light, or urged by convictions from the word, if they proceed not from a principle of spiritual life in the heart, they are not fruits of holiness."

God Bless John Owen!

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Matt Wilcoxen said...

Thanks, Damian, for getting this going today.

We had one Larry Acosta ( filling our pulpit this Sunday. His message to our church was: get over yourselves, your building, and your church and hit the streets of Long Beach with a kingdom focus. He railed against the notion that the professional clergy are the people who do the ministry work. Instead, he urged everyone to see everything they do as part of the great commission.

I was also particularly blessed by the large number of people from our church who responded for our call for more help with the high school and jr. high ministries. What a blessing.

It was kind of a bummer, however, to see so few return after last week's Easter services when we approached 1000 people in our church. I know that this is the way things are in churches, but it still makes me sad. Who knows, though, maybe all those people who only come on Easter and Christmas are so engrossed in kingdom ministry that they just can't make it the rest of the year. ;)