Friday, February 1, 2008

Why pay for college?!

The one reason that I am not currently stimulating the economy: student loans. I mean, I've got near $xxK in loans to repay, for a bachelor's degree!

Now, if I would have only known about iTunes U!!!! That's right folks, you can download, for FREE, lectures from some of the world's top professors. Some of the schools that are participating: Yale University, UC Berkeley, and Duke.

In addition to these prestigious ivory towers, it appears you can get a good chunk of seminary education for free as well: Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS), Concordia Seminary and Abilene Christian University are all offering a good deal of high-dollar content for free.

For example, I paid (with the help of private foundations and Uncle Sam) nearly $10k for 12 units of Biblical Greek. If you are a disciplined autodidact, however, you can know everything I know for the cost of books. The only catch? You don't get a big, fancy piece of paper to hang on your wall. But that isn't the point, right? RIGHT?

The ironic part of the whole thing is that the same technology that has provided us with the ability to access Ivy-League lectures for free is the same technology that has shortened our attention spans and so distracted us that we can't possibly sit still to listen to them! Oh, it is a cruel, cruel world.


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