Sunday, February 3, 2008

What context?

You may have stumbled upon this website due to a recent search, or maybe someone even told you about it and you wanted to check it out for yourself. Let me be the first to say I’m glad you stopped by! Though I imagine one of the first questions you may have had after reading our blog is: what context are they referring to? Well, I’m glad you asked.

I am convinced that there are basically three contexts which every Christian finds themselves. While I am aware that there are myriads of sub-contexts and even mixed contexts, I am of the opinion that most of them would fit under the following three.

Context #1: Theological – This refers to our context with and about God; this is the lynchpin context. Every Christian is a theologian in one way or another. What we believe about God will ultimately determine how we react to the subsequent contexts. In a word, our theology has consequences. (Though there is some flexibility in this area, we must line our thinking up with what God has revealed in the Bible; cf. 2nd Timothy 3:16)

Context #2: Sociological: This is our context with culture; how we apply what we know about God to humanity. God has set forth in His Word how we should act toward the unbelieving world; we must take great care in how we do this. (As far as how to approach this will vary quite differently depending on the culture setting we find ourselves in; cf. 1st Corinthians 9:19-23)

Context #3: Ecclesiological – This is our context with each other as Christians. It includes our personal responsibility toward our fellow believers. We all have gifts God has given us to serve one another, we need to know why and how to do this. (There is also a great deal of flexibility here as to how to approach this, but our chief concern should be to love one another; cf. John 13:34-35)

There may be a fourth context however, family. But I purposely left this out as it basically could be categorized under #2 and/or #3. Nevertheless, the three contexts above is basically what every Christian will find themselves engaged in. Most of the time we Christians will address all three contexts at once. They will converge with one another as each one does in fact include and affect the other.

This is what you’ll be reading about here on this blog as we seek to interact with our moderns and historical contexts. Our hope at CIC is that we can help foster Christians to read and understand the Bible and encourage all Christians to study their own lives. To that end, we will all be readily available to act as a Christian in Context.

Which context do you spend the most time in?

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