Monday, February 11, 2008

Random Matt Update...

First of all, someone found Jesus in a tree stump. But if you ask me, it looks much more like a belly dancer. Perhaps we all just see what we want to see.

I will not be blogging too much this week. I'm getting ready for our annual high school winter camp. We are going to Big Bear Lake, where we will relax, learn, pray, fellowship, and play together. It should be a really rich time. Our theme is "Transformation" and most of our studies will come from the epistle to the Romans. (And no, I'm not overly focused on Pauline Literature! Everything I've been doing for months has come from the gospels).

On another youth ministry note, I'm in the middle of planning fundraising for Wheatstone Academy. The last two years our church has been more heavily involved in this than any other church group so far. I'm proud of that. It is very expensive and so we have to raise a lot of money to keep going. Some may question the relevance of taking kids away for a week to hang out with Christian professors and read Plato, but I think that in an age when our public school systems are failing to produce thoughtful individuals, it is good that a youth ministry organization such as Wheatstone can pick up some of the slack. I've seen firsthand that they do indeed make a dent in kids' lives....Our plan for fundraising: invite our parishioners to a sit down dinner complete with some Jazz music, followed by a talk by the ever-engaging John Mark Reynolds. His topic is supposed to be "what happens when Christian kids go to college" or something like that. I'm really excited to offer this event to our church-folk, whether they give money or not!

Today was kind of like Christmas for me: I received a couple of forthcoming books in the mail that I get to read and blog about. I'll withhold the titles for now, but both should be really good and provide good fodder for discussion. One has to do with the "emergent/emerging" issue, and the other is on a very specific ethical/political issue. As Jack Johnson says "dust off your thinking caps..."

It brought great joy to me to see Zach make a comment on the blog here. When Zach isn't doing his day job, he is a prolific blogger. While I sometimes disagree with his views, he makes me think. His blog is one of the first blogs I ever read, and I still subscribe. (If you look hard enough you can find me saying a lot of things in the discussion threads that I shouldn't have; I've since learned the tenor of blogdom).

On the topic of blogs, I'm wondering if any of you who read this one have any leads on some good, mostly "undiscovered" Christian blogs. I'm trying to find some fresh perspectives and will check out anything. I would especially be interested in blogs kept by pastors (but not "discernment blogs"!) Just leave your suggestion in the comments...


Jordan said...

hey. i just discovered this blog while searching. but i figured that i wouldn't be completely out of line suggesting my blog. I'm not a pastor and my blog does not deal solely with christian topics. i'm a former student of JMNR and many of my blogs contain thoughts and comments on Orthodox Theology, spiritual formation, and ecclesiology. I just enjoy blogging and engaging in discussion. be blessed

Matt Wilcoxen said...

I'd love to check out your blog, it sounds cool, but you didn't leave me a valid link. Hit me back with the link and i'll definitely read up.


Norman Jeune III said...

I would also be interested in looking at your blog. I am personally very interested in ecclesiology and Spiritual Formation. I would like to introduce some discussion on our blog around the topic of spiritual formation- send that link and we will check it out!

Rachel said...

How about the Wheatstone Academy blog?