Saturday, January 12, 2008

Exploring and expanding

So far I've shared the idea with several of my fellow pilgrims across differing fields within Christianity from lay Christians to Pastors to Theologians. The reception has been fairly good. At this point I haven't thought of exactly "how" and "where" to start. This blog has been a good place, but as far as implementation, well, the idea still needs continued thought and prayer. My inkling is to stick out this blog for now and develop the conversation a little. I know that many of my fellow Christians don't care enough about theology to want to listen and interact with it. Though I do believe there are enough spread throughout the US who would want the conversation to being. I'm motivated by truth, I hope you are as well. I gained massive opposition when I became convinced of the grace of God as understood by Reformed Theology. But like Luther, unless I could be convinced by Scripture that these truths were in fact incorrect, I wasn't able (and still have not) to recant. But really I learned the most about God though discussion and debate. Why? Well it forced me to search the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so (Acts 17:11). And I'm of the belief that orthodoxy (right thinking) produces othropraxy (right practice). There is nothing like knowing how truly forgiven one is when you realize how truly worthy of hell you are.


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