Monday, January 21, 2008

A CIC update-

As I continue to pray and seek the Lord's will with respect to this blog (and my ministry), I've taken one further step in developmental process. The first five or so postings have given me a better idea of what I plan to blog about and who my ideal target audience will be. Therefore as you may have read in the very first posting, I sought more of a radio ministry focused on discussing debatable Christian topics within a layman format; and I still do. Though as I continue this endeavor more fully I plan on beginning with this blog. That said, I've added a subtext to the name of my blog, "from orthodoxy to orthopraxy." For those who don't know, ORTHODOXY means "right belief or right thinking" and ORTHOPRAXY means "right action or right practice. " Reason being, while I love theology and talking about an array of different topics, I want to also focus on the practical implications that go along with the ideas or beliefs. As R.C. Sproul has once said (...and I paraphrase),"What you believe about God will directly determine how you live."


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