Thursday, January 10, 2008

Calling all Armchair Theologians...

So I've started this blog as sort of a precursor to a bigger idea that I plan on pursuing. For some time now I've pondered the idea of starting a ministry of my own devoted to basic discussion of topics within Christianity that aren't really available to the layman's layman. Furthermore I want to create sort of an open forum-type atmosphere for a discourse on topics without fear of incrimination. What I mean is this: rarely do you find a ministry devoted to bridging the gap between Sunday school and Seminary in such as way as to protect the non-negotiable doctrines and hear out those that are negotiable, while at the same time appealing to the "armchair" theologians such as myself. Ultimately I want to start a radio ministry that selects a topic for each show by having guests from local churches, seminaries (really anybody evangelical) to discuss their thoughts. Basically I'm looking to create a ministry that encompasses the premise of Ligonier Ministries, Alpha and Omega Ministries, and The White Horse Inn; coupled with a feel (I am soteriologially Reformed). Though I feel the conferences, seminars, and cruises are profitable, the average (interested) Christian doesn't have the time or the means for these. And blogs, well, I don't see this being an extensive thing, just a place to get updates on shows. This would give even local and national ministries a place to get some advertising and propagate their ideas.

I still have much to consider before beginning this project, but if anyone out there has any interest in building upon this idea, or even if you care to drop a line of consideration, please do so. My email is Your prayers are mostly coveted!

Isaiah 66:2,

Damian M. Romano
Raleigh, NC

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